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Battery Doctor & Battery Saver is an application that provide a great support to your Phone with complete battery information. This amazing battery optimizer app have a Great Easy to Use User Interface and brilliant functions that support your phone by giving 50% more battery life. This optimize battery app will show the battery level as battery information. It can start working and saving battery life on one touch. This is great power manager tool for your device. It provides accurate battery status such as temperature, voltage and level. Provide battery details in a great Graphic interface.

✓ Our app is very easy to use and there is no complex process.

✓ Once you install our app you will benefit from our fast and smart charging feature that will help your phone to be charged fastly.

✓ We guarantee that you will get at least 50% more of battery life with our app.

✓ Our app helps you to increase battery life and have better battery performance.

✓ Detailed battery information within the main screen of the app.

✓ Battery Doctor & Battery Saver , you can easily activate or deactivate Wi-fi network, Bluetooth, Brightness, Rotation, Sound and Timeout. Don’t forget that those settings steal your battery energy

- Features :-

✓ Admob Interstitial, Native and Banner ads

✓ Google Analytics

✓ Google Firebase Integration

✓ Easy to reskin

✓ Android Studio Project

✓ First to end Documentation

✓ Support up to Android 7


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